Worlds Worst Tourist Destinations

London, Paris and Rome are amongst the top destinations many tourists dream of visiting however once there, many find the reality does not live up to their long held expectations. In visiting some of key tourist attractions around the world many come away feeling frustrated and disappointed with their overall experience.

In August 2017 some of the biggest tourist attractions were slammed by visitors to these top locations after experiencing long queues. Many vented their negative experiences on the popular travel website TripAdvisor.

When visiting any tourist location during the peak travel season, travelers are bound to encounter long waiting lines in order to visit the regions noted attractions, however some report remaining in line for periods of up to four hours.

For some tourists who are desperate to avoid long lines, many are prepared to pay several times the face value of a regular ticket and in some instances many hundreds of dollars more in order to book themselves on tours guaranteeing priority entry, and bypassing the long lines that potentially await them.

Some of the worst attractions reported for the long queues include;

Catacombs, Paris

Up to 4 hours in line.

The Paris Catacombs house the remains of approximately six million Parisians who were transferred there during the 18th and 19th centuries as the capital’s cemeteries were closed for health reasons, preserving life for many of the city's residents.


Tourists visiting the site can wander along a tangle of dark galleries to witness the macabre presentation of death, with bones arranged in an unusual nature. Standard tickets to enter the Catacombs can be purchased for USD$71 / AUD$89 / GBP$54. However for those wishing to skip the line and avoid waiting times of up to 4 hours, tickets can be purchased for USD$97 / AUD$122 / GBP$75 respectively.

Sistine Chapel And The Vatican Museums

Up to 2 hours wait in line.

A visit to see Michelangelo's most famous work, combined with a visit to the complex of museums which details mankind's history and accomplishments over the past 2,000 years visitors are able to view over 8 kilometers of corridors and explore vast museum areas.


However you are bound to wait a long time before entering this historic area. The regular entry fee costs USD$33.26 / AUD$23.71 / GBP$14.61 per person. A priority pass is available for visitors to the site in the amount of USD$47 / AUD$60 / GBP$37.

London Eye

Up to 2.5 hours wait in line.

To many, the giant Ferris Wheel - London's Eye is a must do activity when visiting the capital of the UK. The attraction boasts 360 degree views of London.


The wheel is fitted with 32 capsules in all for visitors to board on this once in a lifetime experience. Visitors can pay the regular ticket price of USD$29 / AUD$37 / GBP$23 or they can take the option to skip the line by paying USD$42 / AUD$54 / GBP$33.

Overall in the TripAdvisor ranking, the worst of these attractions were:

1. London Eye

2. Sistine Chapel And Vatican Museums

3. Colosseum, Rome

4. Catacombs, Paris

5. Eiffel Tower, Paris

6. St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City

7. Tower of London

8. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

9. Empire State Building, New York

10. Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

What is the longest queue that you have encountered when traveling? Was it worth the wait? Send me an email and let me know at

Sandra Hawkins

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