Most Expensive Cities For A Round Of Drinks

Red wine, white wine, beer, champagne and spirits represent some of the many ways holiday makers can get into the 'holiday spirit' when traveling overseas for that well earned break. It’s no surprise to know that our intake of alcohol escalates when we travel on holiday or during the seasonal holiday period.

In Britain, half all holiday makers surveyed stated they drank alcohol every day during their summer break, with one in three admitting to drinking in the departures lounge at the airport. The research further confirmed 30% of those on holiday drank at least four alcoholic drinks each day of their holiday.


Wyatt Cavalier is one of the co-founders of the United Kingdom's top suppliers of commercial coffee machines and ethically sourced coffee. He recently investigated which city ranked the most expensive for a coffee, beer, bottle of water and a coke and found in the city ranked most expensive, a beer, a coffee, a bottle of water and a Coke is likely to set consumers back USD$17.89

Paris is the most expensive city in the world to buy a round of drinks, which is nearly 40% more than what you'd pay in London, which came ninth in the ranking at USD$12.95 – despite a beer costing nearly a USD$6.54 in the capital.

Dubai, New York and Hong Kong were among the most expensive, with travelers to the Middle East’s largest city shelling out USD$11.48 for a beer alone.


Ranked highest to lowest, here's how the competitors stack up in 2017.

  1. Paris, USD$17.89
  2. Dubai, USD$16.83
  3. New York, USD$15.67
  4. Hong Kong, USD$15.16
  5. Singapore, USD$14.25
  6. Sydney, USD$14.23
  7. Los Angeles, USD$13.67
  8. Auckland, USD$13.64
  9. London, USD$12.95
  10. Tokyo, USD$12.50
  11. Berlin, USD$1.40
  12. Toronto, USD$10.59
  13. Madrid, USD$10.45
  14. Moscow, USD$8.94
  15. Bangkok, USD$7.22
  16. New Delhi, USD$7.06
  17. Cape Town, USD$6.21
  18. Cairo, USD$5.12

What's the most you've paid for a round of drinks in a major city?

Sandra Hawkins

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