Welcome To My Blog.

Today is the day I begin my second life. My online life. I enjoy traveling and have an interest in all things travel related. As a frequent visitor to South East Asia I am continually drawn to the region primarily due to its cultural richness, the people, food and flavor of the region.

I'm a solo female traveler in my early 50's - and I've seen and experienced many things I'd like to share with you from my past and future experiences including everything from accommodation, food, travel products, accessories, destination guides, tips, tricks, travel hacks, practical advice and so much more.

With over thirty years experience in the security industry including manpower, electronic security, surveillance and project management, my focus is on personal safety and security for travelers when visiting overseas countries.

The internet is filled with blogs of young digital nomads posting about their travels throughout the world, so I thought its about time to make my own contribution by offering a perspective for those of us over the age of 50. Thanks for stopping by.


Sandra Hawkins

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