Tips For Retired Solo Travelers

Traveling after retiring from a lifetime of work and commitment to others can often be a new, yet liberating experience for many senior travelers. Here are a few tips for those considering their first trip upon retirement.

Do Your Research

After deciding on any particular destination, it pays to do your homework then make the appropriate arrangements including flights and hotels. This can be easily achieved online, or by visiting your friendly travel agent.

Next, consider the type of dining experiences you wish to have when on vacation. It may include dinner at a fine dining restaurant or sitting on a plastic stool at a street food restaurant. If you have any concerns about navigating your way through a range of tourist hotspots, consider booking a day tour with a reliable company. A small group tour can provide many benefits than that of a solo visit, as they may have negotiated front of line access in order to skip the long queues


Instead of running around cramming in all the sights before leaving to return home again, schedule in some relaxation time along the way. Take the time to sit and soak up the atmosphere around you absorbing the unique environment you have found yourself in. Sit at a local cafe, take the time to participate in 'people watching' while sipping away at your morning or afternoon coffee.


Experience New Things

A holiday overseas can provide the solo traveler with a great opportunity to step out of their comfort zone a little more than usual. Without being under the watchful gaze of family and friends, it won't matter if you slip up, or make a mistake. Just smile and chalk it up to experience. If nothing else you will certainly have a great story to tell when you return home again.

Make A List

Traveling can mean experiencing things that are well out of our control. From delayed or canceled flights, to unexpected luggage loss. In the moment, there is little in which you can do but remain calm and do what you need to do to get through it.


One key element to an almost trouble free holiday is to make a list detailing all your flight information and travel transfer arrangements. Your list should include key items such as travel duration, arrival and departure times. A list such as this can contain a full itinerary of all your planned and scheduled events, which can be easily viewed in the context of all your planned travel events. A plan on a page if you will.

Sandra Hawkins

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