The Top 3 Fears Tourists Have About Visiting Russia

1. Obtaining A Visa

It's true that some tourists can be so anxious about their trip to Russia that their problems begin even before they enter the country. With a little forethought and planning, a visa to Russia can be possible and like all things that are worth the effort, the benefits will pay off once you have arrived.

Visitors can apply for visa through a trusted agent, such as a visa center or a known travel agency and by doing so they can avoid any confusion. Readers can also review my article titled, Everything You Need To Know About Obtaining A Russian Visa if they are interesting in preparing and lodging their application personally.

2. The Language Barrier

It's funny but there is a real fear that nobody in Russia speaks foreign languages, but you will be pleasantly surprised to know many Russians do speak languages other than their own, including English. Prior to my visit to Russia in 2016 many of my friends and work colleagues were concerned that I would have a difficult time over there as no-one speaks English! How wrong they were!


Personally I think the ability to share a language should be reciprocated, and travelers to Russia should make the effort to learn some basic phrases too. Visitors intending to visit Russia should download language apps including Google Translate or take Russian language lessons online with providers such as Babbel or Rosetta Stone long before their departure date.

3. Inhospitable Locals

According to another incorrect assumption, once landed in Russia tourists to the country will have to deal with the inhospitable locals.


This again is another falsehood as there are many, many warm and welcoming people living in Russia. When in the country, remember to be open and welcome new experiences, you won't be disappointed, that I promise you.

Sandra Hawkins

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