The Top 10 Reasons To Travel Solo

It's no wonder solo travel is on the rise as many discover the benefits of doing so. Here's my top ten reasons to travel solo.

  1. Eating all of the food you want to eat, whenever and wherever.

  2. The freedom and ability to change plans on a whim.

  3. Making plans each day that include only doing the things and visiting the places you want to.

  4. Never having to wait for anyone especially if you like to keep to a schedule.


  1. Spending hours browsing market stalls and shops.

  2. Not having to answer to anyone if you decide to scrap your plans one day or do something you shouldn’t do on holidays like spending the day in the hotel room or on the grounds.

  3. Walking around museums at your own pace.

  4. Speaking to random people in random places.

  5. Sleeping in late or rising as early as you please.


  1. Taking full advantage of the king-sized hotel bed all to yourself.

Sandra Hawkins

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