The Insane Truth About Tourists Eating Dog Meat In Bali

A recent expose by Australian television's ABC 7.30 program uncovered a brutal dog meat trade in the popular holiday destination of Bali, Indonesia. Over one million Australians visit Bali each year as a cheap holiday destination for the masses.

The investigation found dogs being brutally caught, captured and butchered before being on sold to unknowing tourists at street food stalls or in restaurants across the island. Considered a delicacy by locals, dog meat is thought to provide benefits including health and overall wellbeing. It's not illegal to consume dog meat in Indonesia.


Restaurants or food stalls selling the meat can be identified by the letters 'RW' which can be seen displayed on signage associated with the stand. However, many tourists are being misled as to the source of meat contained in their 'satay' or other menu items.

As a result of the expose serious health concerns have now been raised as to the consumption of dog meat in Bali due to the amount of cyanide remaining in the dog as a result of poisoning by the 'dog catchers'.

Doctor Andrew Dawson, Director of the New South Wales Poisons Information Center and head of toxicology at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Australia stated that cyanide contained within the body of a dog, is not destroyed as a result of cooking. The amount of risk exposed to a consumer of the meat was dependent upon the amount of cyanide contained remaining within the cooked meat.

When a sample of raw dog meat was tested it was found to be contaminated with high levels of coliform bacteria and E. Coli, which is commonly associated with faecal contamination and can cause serious food poisoning.

Mobile food vendors are deliberately singling out tourists on beaches and are prepared to lie about the origin of the meat in order to secure a sale.

Much like any country, there is good and bad - however Bali as holiday destination ranks highly with international tourists, particularly Australian and European.

If you are planning a holiday to Bali, why not take a look at the following infographic to search out the best locations to meet your needs on the island.

Sandra Hawkins

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