The Free And Easy Packing Secret For Novice Travelers

For the novice traveler heading away on their first big trip overseas it can be easy to forget what's important when planning your trip. However, one website provides users with a clever, easy to navigate site which creates a packing list especially customized just for you.

By asking a few basic questions about the upcoming trip including where you are headed, who's going (traveling solo, couple or with children), the mode of transport, where you plan on staying - including hotel, cruise or campsite, the duration and style of the trip, including options for hiking, skiing, fishing, etc. The site drills down on the specific details of the planned trip.


To match your personality and packing style the site provides users with an option make their custom list minimalist, normal or perfectionist in style. Once the details are entered site generates everything from the type of luggage you need, to toiletries and medical recommendations such as vaccinations and insect spray. Users of the website can also receive checklists for the type of clothing and apparel to take along with them, together any specialty equipment recommended by the website.

There is also a section devoted to travel preparation including documents, money and travel insurance. The site also provides a list to ensure everything is taken care of at home too by supplying a list of reminders including taking out the garbage, paying the utility bills, holding the mail and unplugging electronics amongst other last minute which many of us forget. The site also provides a full weather forecast for the duration of travel.

The site can be used on all devices including a desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile which makes it easily accessed once you are on the move allowing users to access and retain their custom packing list for future use.

Sandra Hawkins

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