The Best Types Of Holidays For Single Solo Travelers

I often hear from solo's of their reluctance to head overseas for the first time, as they are concerned about feeling self conscious at times including when dining alone, or that they may suffer from feelings of loneliness by spending hours alone and away from the familiarities of home.

Fortunately for those who may feel a little shy about traveling alone, there are a number of travel opportunities for those who wish to dive into solo travel in a supportive environment surrounded by minded people. The following provide just a few suggestions in which to meet other solo travelers, either on dedicated singles holidays or by joining a group.

Just You?

Winner of a silver medal at the British Travel Awards in 2015 caters to single and solo travelers alike who are wanting to experience a holiday with like minded people with ages ranging between 40 to 60 years.

The company travels to over 50 destinations including Asia, Antarctica, Europe, Oceania, North and South America.

One Traveller

Award winning is the United Kingdom's number one singles holiday specialist for the over 50's. Created in 2007, the family run company is the brainchild of travel expert Ian Darkin who has personally escorted singles holidays all over the world, prior to starting the business.


His vision was to address the shortcomings he'd spotted during his time as a full time tour manager and in response to the demand he created a range of holidays specifically designed for mature solo travelers aged in their 50's to 80's and beyond, allowing them to travel in a safe environment with no single supplements.

Wine Lovers Unite

One company provides solo holiday makers with the chance to learn more about their favorite tipple in combination with a holiday. They provide wine tours, vineyard tastings and hosted dinners at some of the top wine estates throughout Europe with guided sightseeing, and a chance to spread your wings and spend some time on your own.


On the odd evening when no meal is included, the tour manager makes himself available to dine with solo guests. Destinations include France, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Chile, New Zealand and South Africa.

It's possible to find some really great holiday options for those looking to dip their toes into solo traveling. Before booking always check the reviews online to be sure to have a great solo holiday experience.

Sandra Hawkins

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