Securing An Education (ED) Visa In Thailand

Following on from my recent post on 'Language Learning In Phuket Thailand' I received notification from the language school that an approval for registration by the Thailand Education Department has been accepted.

I attended the school at their request the following day to sign a number of papers some of which were in English, others in Thai. These documents were required as part of the submission accompanying my Non-Immigrant ED Visa application. In order to change from my current Tourist TR Visa, I was required to leave the Kingdom of Thailand to apply for the ED visa.

Penang, Malaysia is a favoured location for many who are applying for an Education visa, for a number of reasons including, its proximity to Thailand & the Royal Thai Consulate-General (Embassy) is one of only a limited number of sites which accept & process this type of visa.

Depatures-Board-Phuket-International-Airport-1 Departures Board, Phuket International Airport

Having checked out the number of ways in which to travel to Penang, including an organized 'visa run' where accommodation & transport is bundled together in a package, or travelling by bus independently, I decided on a direct flight to Penang Island on a Firefly flight direct from Phuket International Airport.

Flights depart several days a week in the afternoons from Phuket. So on Monday 18th December after checking out of the Baramee Hip Hotel (my home for the last 30 days) I boarded my Firefly flight for the short one hour & fifteen minute flight to Penang International Airport.

Passport-Control-Phuket-Airport Passport Control, Phuket International Airport

The flight was an uneventful one & after only a short time in the air, we landed on Penang Island. It was my first visit here, so I decided at the time of booking to stay for a period of four days allowing me some time to familiarize myself with historic George Town.

After landing, I proceed through the usual airport screening process before approaching a taxi stand. I paid the going rate to secure a voucher which I then handed to the waiting taxi driver before heading off on the 1 hour & 15 minute journey to my hotel the G Hotel Kelawai in George Town, a short distance from the Royal Thai Consulate.

Rooftop-Bar-G-Hotel-Kelawai-Penang-1 Rooftop Bar, G Hotel Kelawai George Town, Penang Island, Malaysia

I settled in for the evening & enjoyed several glasses of wine, which I had not enjoyed since leaving Australia in November, as wine is expensive in Thailand. The rooftop bar afforded me with spectacular panoramic views of George Town from the 22nd floor of the pool bar.

Penang-Panorama-1 George Town By Night, Pool Area, G Hotel Kelawai Georgetown Penang Island

The following morning, I set off for the Royal Thai Consulate General by taxi for the brief 10 minute drive. On arrival entered the grounds after signing in at the gate house.

As many people find the process of obtaining a visa in Penang confusing I posted a video on YouTube to assist my fellow travellers in the future.

Come along with me as I visit to the Thai Embassy in Penang, Malaysia.

The video is also accompanied by a detailed blog post titled 'Obtaining A 2018 Thai Visa In Penang, Malaysia In 6 Easy Steps' which provides a number of insights & tips to make the process a smooth & hassle-free experience for those who come after me.


So if you'd like to know more, head on over to the post to read the next chapter in my Language Leaning In Thailand adventure by visiting my next post 'Obtaining A 2018 Thai Visa In Penang, Malaysia In 6 Easy Steps'.

Sandra Hawkins

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