Safety And Security

Traveling overseas can be one of the most satisfying pursuits, no matter your age or circumstances. From five star resorts to backpacker accommodation, business class flights or economy, the levels and modes of travel can vary.

The one thing all travelers have in common is their need for safety and security, particularly when traveling into new territories. These two things - Safety and Security should be at the very foundation of travel planning and the execution of those travel plans.

From terrorist threats overseas to taxi scams and everything in between, here at it's my mission to provide readers with a range of tips and resources in which to minimize their risk when traveling overseas.

Over the years I've traveled to many countries as a solo female traveler and as a consequence I have gained experience first hand, which is much of the reason why I began this blog in the first place.

As the site grows I'll share with my readers a range of resources and travel tips to minimize the risk for travelers overseas. In keeping with the 'sharing is caring' philosophy these resources are provided free.

I sincerely hope the information provided adds value to your travel arsenal when planning and traveling a trip overseas.

Sandra Hawkins

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