Riding The Sapsan Train From Moscow To St. Petersburg

The Sapsan high speed train is the most comfortable and convenient way to travel from Moscow to St. Petersburg. I took the journey personally during my tour of Russia with Travel All Russia Tours.

Sapsan (Russian for Peregrine Falcon) is named after the mythical bird and the train lives up to its name traveling at high-speed, reaching a maximum of 250 kilometers per hour or 155 miles per hour. This mode of transport between the two cities is arguably the most convenient way to travel.

The convenience of the Sapsan for locals and tourists alike most surely rivals traveling by air, for starters even though the flight time between the two cities is relatively short, only one hour between Pulkovo Airport outside St. Petersburg and Domodedovo Airport in Moscow, it is quite common for passengers to spend three or more hours in traffic getting to and from the city centers to the airports.

The Sapsan service takes around four hours in total with regular departures from Moskovsky Station and Leningradskya Station in Moscow. It means that passengers can sit back and enjoy the scenery instead of traveling to and from the airport and passing through long queues at the airport terminal buiding.

The Moscow - St. Petersburg route takes approximately 3 hours and 50 minutes with 10 departures per per day. Each train seats 506 passengers. There are a number of seat classes on board catering to all budgets and comfort levels.

Premium Class

Seats in premium class are equipped with a folding table, adjustable back rest, individual lighting a socket between the seats, footrest and radio headphones. All seats have leather coverings. Each ticket price in premium class includes a hot meal, beverages and soft drinks, travel set, magazines and newspapers. Wi-Fi is also available.


Business Class

Recently upgraded, train car #2 offers new comfortable seats with 2+2 set up. Each seat has adjustable backrests and is supplied with folding dinner tables, folding footrests, separate lighting, electrical outlets and built in audio and video outputs, as well as outlets for charging mobile devices and free Wi-Fi.


Economy Class +

Economy class seats are standard soft seats with textile coverings. All seats feature an adjustable backrest, footrest, individual lighting and a folding table in some places. * Sapsan train ticket includes press and a cold snack which depends on the carrier and out of our responsibility.


Economy Class

Economy class seats feature textile coverings, adjustable back rest, footrest, folding table and armrest. The number of seats per car varies from 56 up to 64. As a rule there are 2 seats in a row or 4 seats around a table. Beverages and snacks are not included in the ticket price but are available for purchase in the restaurant car.


Restaurant Car

Sapsan trains also have seats available in restaurant car. Ticket price includes drinks and meals from the menu for the amount of 2 000 Russian rubles (about 35 USD). It is available upon request once you have boarded the train.

As a rule there are 4 seats around a table. Seats feature textile coverings, adjustable back rest, footrest and armrest. On all other trains this travel class corresponds to Economy Class without meal included.

At the time of booking my tour with Travel All Russia, I opted for an Economy Class Seat and was issued ticket number 770A. The train departed Leningradsky Station at 3.30pm and a we arrived into St. Petersburg at 7.20pm.

My seat was comfortable and a food service trolley passed through the cabins offering up snacks including sandwiches, tea, coffee, biscuits and a number of sweet and savory treats during the trip.


I thoroughly enjoyed my journey by train, it allowed me to view the Russian countryside and the outer country dachas and homes where the locals farm and work.


I arrived rested and ready to go on my next adventure - our tour of St. Petersburg.

Sandra Hawkins

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