Rawai 'Sea Gypsy' Seafood Market Phuket

If you love seafood then a visit to the Rawai Seafood Market has to be on your bucket list of things to do when visiting Phuket. Rawai Beach is a destination in & of itself featuring a picturesque beach dotted with long-tail fishing boats used by the sea gypsies to harvest a variety of seafood, much of which is sold at the seafood market.


Rawai Beach, south of Phuket is also known as 'Sea Gypsy Village.' The legend states that the sea gypsies settled in Rawai around 100 years ago & since that time they have honed their fishing & negotiation skills to support their families, which reside in a small village surrounding the market area.

During my visit there recently the market was a hive of activity as it was evening time & many hungry tourists were crowded around the displays of fresh seafood haggling over the price of their chosen delicacy - which was destined for the nearby restaurant kitchen.


Its quite an experience for many to select their seafood from the tank, where it's then handed to restaurant staff positioned a the restaurant nearby to the market stall. Diners take a seat at the table & enjoy a cold drink while they ponder how their meal will be prepared - once the cook has received his instructions dinner is not far away - leaving time to saviour & contemplate this unique dining experience.

What's On Offer?

There's an abundance of seafood to choose from including fish, prawns, crabs, lobsters, squid, clams, oysters sea snails, sea cucumbers plus many more. Prices are much the same between the stall holders so its down to your personal preference & negotation skills as to where to purchase your very own 'catch of the day'.

Night-Market-Rawai One of the many restaurants at Rawai Seafood Market


Dining at the Rawai Seafood Market is a great experience but don't expect a quiet romantic table for two overlooking the water. The market is a chaotic place with restaurants & stalls conducting plenty of business. The market has become a major tourist attraction in the area with bus loads of people visiting everyday.

Virtual-Tour-Rawai-Seafood-Market Click the image above for a tour through the market.

Other Dining Options Nearby

While the atmosphere was vibrant it was all just a little too much for me. So along with my Thai friend we opted instead to head over to one of the many waterfront restaurants not far from the market. Restaurants there have set up tables across the road beside the beach, where diners can be seated beachside for a more relaxing experience.

Rawai-Beach-ViewWipapon-Rawai Happy Days (& Nights)!

The kitchens are on one side of the road with the dining area on the other with staff having to cross back and forth with trays of food & drink, which can make for some amusing moments for diners.

Relaxed-Dining-At-Rawai-Beach A Calm Relaxed Dining Experience At Rawai Beach.

Rawai-Beachside-Restaurant A seafood lover's delight.

Restaurants-Rawai-Beach The restaurants are situated across the road.

No matter where you choose to dine, by the sea at a quiet table or amongst the thick of it at the Rawai Seafood Market, its well worth taking the time to visit this beautiful area of Phuket. Don't forget to check out my video tour or Rawai Seafood Market before you visit.

Sandra Hawkins

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