Priority Pass Worldwide Review

Providing Access to 1,000 Plus Lounges Worldwide

When traveling around the world much of time is spent at the airport, waiting and waiting. For the younger traveler they seem to have an ability to be comfortable propped up against any vertical surface inside the terminal building, with their phone plugged in and charging nearby. Alternatively, they can be frequently found prostrate on the carpeted floor of the airport building. It's not something that I can or would consider doing, particularly at my age.

I prefer to relax between flights at an airline lounge where I have access to food and beverages and comfortable seating. These areas represent an oasis from the chaos, hustle and bustle of any major airport especially for the older traveler.

I'm not loyal to any particular airline, so am not a member of any frequent flyer program, consequently I can be restricted or excluded from entry to some airline lounges at airports. As a result a single visit to any lounge generally costs a pretty penny.

One company - Priority Pass Worldwide offer frequent travelers independent airport lounge access a membership to a club that is simultaneously inclusive for those requiring a little piece of civilization, to rest and recharge over the course of their journey. At the time of writing Priority Pass provides access to over 1,000 lounges worldwide is available to its members, with the number continually growing.

Priority Pass offers more lounges, in more cities, in more countries than any other program. And it's why every visit is defined by faster, easier access. The program has millions of members across more than 130 countries who are enjoying the experience.


Priority Pass offers up three different membership plans to suit all types of traveler - Standard, Standard Plus and Prestige. Regardless if you travel infrequently or are a seasoned, regular traveler, Priority Pass can ensure that your journey always begins stress-free in one of 1000+ airport lounges worldwide.

Membership Types

Standard Membership

Annual Membership under the Standard Plan is $99.00 providing the traveler with access to lounges. The cost breakdown as follows:

  • Member Visit Fee USD$27
  • Guest Visit Fee USD$27

Standard Plus Membership

Annual Membership under the Standard Plus Plan is $249.00 providing the traveler with access to lounges. The cost breakdown as follows:

  • Member Visit Fee 10 FREE VISITS, then USD$27 thereafter
  • Guest Visit Fee USD$27

Prestige Membership

Annual Membership under the Prestige Plan is $399.00 providing the traveler with access to lounges. The cost breakdown as follows:

  • Member Visit Fee ALL VISITS ARE FREE
  • Guest Visit Fee USD$27

Benefits Of Being A Priority Pass Member

  • Access to over 1,000 airport lounges worldwide
  • Complimentary drinks, refreshments and pre-flight bites including alcohol in most lounges
  • Space to work or relax in a place that feels like home
  • Free Wi-Fi in most lounges
  • Comfortable seats and quiet spaces
  • The latest magazines and newspapers
  • Power sockets to give your devices a boost
  • Conference rooms, showers, beds and spa facilities in selected lounges


At Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur International Airport - KLIA2, the Plaza Premium Gate Lounge, (one of the worlds first independent airport lounge concepts) is open to all travelers irrespective of airline or class of travel.

This is one of my regular hang outs when waiting for my next flight to board. As a minimum, I tend to allow around four hours between flights so, it makes sense to take advantage of the facilities on offer inside the lounge. Historically, I've paid by cash or credit card for the casual rate to gain access to the lounge costing AUD$49 for a 2 hour access and AUD$69 for 5 hours access. In general terms, the durations are not often policed, unless of course the lounge is filled to capacity.


This lounge is open 24/7 so its a really convenient option with shower and room amenities available for an additional cost. Of added convenience, the Plaza Premium Gate Lounge is open 24/7.

Another airport I frequent is Don Mueang International Airport, Thailand, which have a number of lounges where casual access is available including Miracle Lounge and The Coral Executive Lounge. The Coral Executive Lounge features a well-equipped business lounge offering high-speed Wi-Fi, comfortable seating, and food and beverages. Using this lounge will also give you access to Fast Track Immigration services for arrivals and departures. A one-time pass is THB 1000 or AUD$37.


I'm heading to Bali in September and noticed access to the lounge is provided at the Premier Lounge at the Ngurah Rai International Airport. Having conducted my due diligence on the topic, comparing costs between the airports I regularly frequent, I've decided to sign up for an annual membership - Standard Plus.


A lounge directory is can be downloaded directly from their website which details the allowable durations for each lounge, reflecting access is generally limited to between two to three hours per visit, however after checking out a number of travel forums, a high number of Priority Pass members reported they were not asked to leave the lounge at all, with many staying up to 5 or 6 hours unless the lounge is experiencing a peak demand period.

So, before heading off I've decided to join the program as I'm planning to head to Bali, Indonesia in the coming weeks, with another trip to Thailand again early in 2018, for my annual checkup after undertaking Lasik Eye Surgery in Bangkok. Once signed up, membership cards are dispatched within three days. Priority Pass also have an app which can be used at most gates to validate the membership, with the app also boasting a handy search feature to find participating lounges around the world.

So, if you are frequent traveler who prefers a location to relax and unwind between flights, consider Priority Pass membership. It represents great value for money when compared to casual entry costs at gate lounges.

I'm looking forward to accessing the lounges, and will provide an update to this article once I've paid a visit to the respective lounges.

Sandra Hawkins

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