Passengers Behaving Badly

I have to say I love people watching it provides an insight into the fascination of the human mind, and while there are so many place where people watching can be undertaken, one of my absolute favorites is the airport.

Domestic or international, I really enjoy in observing the habits of man in his unnatural habitat – the airport. Some of these stories will want to make you think twice before taking to the air, instead opting for another mode of transportation.

Most of us consider a lost passport or luggage would be the worst that could possibly happen right – well think again my dear readers. Sit back and enjoy a range of horror stories which have taken place at airports around the world.

Don't Threaten The Airline Staff

During the international check in process at Australia’s Perth Airport, a male passenger made inappropriate sexual comments to a female staff member. The man who appeared to be intoxicated so a decision was made by airline staff that he would be offloaded from his scheduled flight to Bali.

When the man was told, he would not be allowed on the flight, he became argumentative and aggressive towards the airline staff. As the staff member turned to leave, the man shouted: “You will be dead by the end of the night. I’ve got two mates that will be waiting for you at the car park. I’ll be seeing you later.” The man was fined $2,500.

Don't Smoke

About 30 minutes from the aircraft landing a female passenger was seen by other passengers as being loud, offensive and repeatedly swearing. She was asked by other passengers to refrain from using such offensive words as there were children around. Once the plane landed the female passenger attempted to smoke by bringing out her lighter. A male passenger seated next to her then took the lighter from her hand, advising her not to smoke.


She then became aggressive and increasingly violent as she tried to take back the lighter. One by one, a number of other passengers then became involved as she was restrained on the floor. During the struggle, she spat at two male passengers involved in restraining her. One of the male passengers was also struck on the head by the female passenger. She was ultimately rewarded with a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) infringement in the amount of $900.

Don't Bite Your Fellow Passenger

A man was tackled by other passengers outside a terminal lounge after creating what was to become quite a scene. He got off the flight, pushing and shoving his way past other passengers including elderly passengers, lashing out as he passed by, including kicking luggage as passengers were walking.

When one passenger asked him to settle down he directed his anger to the person, and with the assistance of other passengers he was tackled to the ground until police came. He continued fighting and bit one passenger on the knee. The man was handcuffed by police after continuing his tirade.

It was no surprise to learn that instead of leaving the airport at the end of his flight, was taken to the watch house. The man was charged with behaving in a disorderly manner and obstructing police. As a result, he received a criminal conviction and fined a total of $1,600

Never, Ever Touch The Flight Crew

A passenger traveling from Perth, Western Australia to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia was cut off from his drinks during the flight and began abusing a female flight attendant, he then slapped her on the buttocks. When asked to settle down he continued yelling, swearing and making a number of threats against the crew.

The man was removed from his seat, to the rear of the aircraft where he then hit passengers in front of him and behind him on the head. The crew asked two other male passengers to sit next to him to assist them to control his behavior, with the view to prevent any further escalation.

Once the flight landed all other passengers were removed and police entered the aircraft. The passenger was intoxicated and began arguing with police to the point where he had to be handcuffed.

The man was later charged with the Commonwealth offenses of assaulting crew, interfering with crew, threatening the safety of an aircraft and behaving in a disorderly manner on an aircraft. He was sentenced to six months imprisonment and was banned from flying with the airline.

Have you witnessed passengers behaving badly on a flight? What did you see?

Sandra Hawkins

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