Paranoid Traveler's Packing List

For the traveler with anxious or paranoid thoughts, I've compiled a list of the top products specifically for the paranoid. The paranoid traveler may indeed look and act like the rest of us, this type of traveler carries a lot of baggage and it doesn't include what’s in their suitcase.

Those barely in control tourists and travelers stress about every aspect of the trip including what can, and will, go wrong. So, let’s start with a good book which makes for fascinating reading for the paranoid traveler.


America's Vacation Deficit Disorder

It is no secret that America is the No Vacation Nation. Vacations consist of nothing more than a few long weekends a year, when they are not on 'staycations'.

Workplace stress and burnout in America have reached an all-time high. That Americans are overly caffeinated and sleep deprived is not surprising given that their work-leisure balance is so severely lopsided. Depression is epidemic. Chalmers' estimates that these seemingly isolated yet wholly interconnected cultural data points cost the U.S. economy a trillion dollars a year in lost productivity, and may be shortening the life spans of the average American. It wasn't always like that in America previously, and it surely doesn't have to be either.

A stunningly well-researched book, offering readers an explanation why Americans are suffering from an acute case of Vacation Deficit Disorder and what the unintended consequences mean to every American couple, parents, families, workers, bosses, and the nation's economy. The book explains clearly why Americans don't travel and why they really should!

The book also looks at what really makes humans happy, offering a profound insight into how the 'lucky few' Americans who do take vacations can enjoy them better and reap their life-enhancing benefits. It passionately explains how all Americans could benefit from a Solution prescription. The book offers a compelling American centric cultural narrative that explains in great detail and with erudite analysis, just who stole their vacation.

Amazon Kindle $5.18 or Paperback $23.81

Zip It Pocket Sock

Combining top of the line technical composition and design, this product certainly qualifies as savvy travel gear making it a great fit for the paranoid traveler. The socks combine the clinical benefits of Holofiber, shown to reduce swelling with the security of protecting important valuables. The socks feature:


  • Holofiber foot bed (may reduce swelling)
  • ComFortrel XP wicks away moisture to keep feet dry, cool and comfortable.
  • Zip It pocket large enough to carry and protect travel necessities including cash, credit card, ID and a key.
  • Quick-drying, the socks can be washed at night and dry by morning.
  • Nylon zipper will not set off metal detectors.

The Zip It Pocket Sock has been tested by numerous travelers to provide a comfortable fit. The quarter-height socks are designed to ensure items in the pocket don't slip down or interfere with during travel. The range includes socks with a zipper wide enough to accommodate a passport.

Price Range: $14.95 – $49.95

Scough Zephyr Germ Filtering Scarf

Advanced flu protection hidden in a scarf, urban filter ware features a lab-tested and designed solution to a public health crisis. Scough is made from the same materials the Ministry of Defence use for chemical warfare.

This scarf is perfect for travelers who are serious about protecting themselves and others. Every time a fellow passenger doesn’t cover his or her mouth on an airplane or subway, the paranoid traveler will be glad they purchased a Scough. The wearer will not doubt take comfort knowing that if they or one of your loved ones is ill, they can reduce the chances of spreading infection to others nearby.


Scough creates a mini-microclimate of freshened air that’s not just a barrier to a harsh germs and pollution-filled world, but is shown to adsorb and kill viruses and pollution before any paranoid traveler has an opportunity to breathe it. Besides helping to keep the wearer healthy it’s a nice looking super-soft scarf.

The Scough hides an advanced activated carbon filter impregnated with silver nano-particles. There is real science done by serious lab coat wearing folks who created the technology for modern warfare and New York City transit. The manufacturers have confirmed its benefits through independent laboratory testing to ensure at least 99% bacterial filtration efficiency.

Activated carbon prepared in the patent-pending approach is the key to filtering out and killing viruses. The secret is its high degree of micro porosity, just one gram of activated carbon has a surface area in excess of 500 m2 for trapping sneeze fragments, cough-dingle and general ick.

The structure of activated carbon creates strong Van Der Waals forces, by pulling in pollution, germs and viruses to hold them in the crevices and neutralize them. The scarves use an advanced silver nano-particle impregnated filtration system to disrupt the basic biochemistry of bacteria, causing the cell's membranes to collapse.

Prices Start at $49.00

Royal Robbins Teflon Coated Global Traveler Pants

The Global Traveler Pant lives up to its name: it's been painstakingly engineered and passport approved for top echelon adventure travel, thanks to a nylon Teflon® stain/water-resistant finish and Dot-Matrix™ weaving, which puts small raised dots on the back of the fabric to create an air gap between the wearer and the fabric making it easy for skin to breathe easy and be comfortable on any journey.


Wearers will surely look well turned out from sunrise to sunset, moving from the trail to dinner as these pants dry quickly, are wrinkle resistant, and have subtle well-hidden pockets on the thigh and back. Packing light? Have no fear as these pants take up very little space and are super lightweight.

• UPF 50+

• Teflon® finish for stain and water resistance

• Zip secured thigh and right back pocket

• Hook and loop closure on left back pocket

• Breathable mesh pocket bags

• Full length running gusset

Priced from $40.85


The epitome of SCOTTeVEST engineering and design, the Q.U.E.S.T. is packed with more features than any paranoid traveler can imagine! No doubt it will quickly become the new "utility belt" for travel and used for running errands around town or loading up all that tech for that upcoming sci-fi convention or exploring the world.


This vest packs an astonishing 42 pockets to hold every last bit of gear including a zippered compartment in the collar to stow the hood and giant back pocket to stash larger items. The 65% cotton/35% nylon fabric is great for temperate weather, comfortable enough to be worn indoors and can be layered with other garments for cooler temperatures. The vest is Teflon® treated for water and stain resistance and is available for both men and women.

Priced from $85.00

Oral Stericlean Ultravoilet Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer

With a portable case, the Oral SteriClean® PORTABLE UV Toothbrush Sanitizer is a must have for any paranoid traveler's arsenal. Its compact case is perfect for travel fitting comfortably in toiletry bags, luggage, backpacks, purses and carry-on bags. The unit is light in weight and incredibly easy to use. Simply place a toothbrush or electric head in the sanitizer, close the lid and its’ UV light will turn on. After it is done sanitizing the light will automatically turn off indicating the process is completed.


Any toothbrush or electric head stays clean in the PORTABLE UV Toothbrush Sanitizer until its next use. Oral SteriClean® PORTABLE UV Toothbrush Sanitizer is proven to kill harmful bacteria that causes Heart Disease, Stroke, Respiratory Infections, Blood Infections, Ulcers, GI tract Infections, Gum Disease, Cavities and Life-Threatening Diseases. Tested and Clinically Proven to kill the most aggressive bacteria, Oral SteriClean® is a must have for the paranoid traveler.

Price $24.95

Life Straw Personal Water Filter

LifeStraw is ideal for hiking, backpacking, camping, travel, and emergency preparedness. The straw-style filter design can turn up to 1,000 litres of contaminated water into safe drinking water.


Prices start at $19.95

Yellow Jacket Stun Gun iPhone Case

Being the target of violent crime is not only scary but also tragic. It was during that moment of vulnerability that the Yellow Jacket® smartphone stun gun case was conceptualized and the future of Yellow Jacket® was born. The idea for a smartphone case concealing a stun gun was created when the inventor, a former U.S. Army soldier Seth Froom was robbed at gunpoint in his own home.


The robber took many of his possessions including his iPhone® but coincidentally left his case. After the incident, he received a stun gun for added protection from his mother, and thinking back on that fateful night he pondered the many ways he could have defended himself if only his iPhone® case could also act as a stun gun. Armed with his new idea Yellow Jacket® was soon formed.

Prices start from $59.00

SecureDrive Self Destructing SSD

British company Secure Drives' Autothysis128s and Autothysis128t are solid state drives with 128GB of storage space. They would be fairly unremarkable SSDs, were it not for the ability to delete their data by sending an SMS message to a special self-destruct number like some kind of Mission Impossible Spymaster. More interestingly, the data's not just wiped, the SSDs are like piggy banks — once you've made the decision to delete the data the drive is physically destroyed with the NAND flash chips and security controller broken inside the drive's enclosure.


Secure Drive boasts that its Autothysis drives conform with more than 100 country-specific data protection laws. However true peace of mind and the chance to feel like a secret agent in the process doesn't come cheap. Consumers have to part with at least £967 (about $1,567) for Secure Drives' base SSD, £111 (about $180) for each touchscreen token to link the drive, and £29 ($47) a year for a GSM subscription after that.

Travel Foot Covers

Disposable Non-Skid Clear Foot Covers are great addition for any traveler paranoid or otherwise, when passengers have to remove their shoes to pass through airport security. The covers are TSA approved and are also great for use by the pool, in hotel rooms, on an aircraft or in in public bathrooms.

Priced from $2.00

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