Pacsafe Travelsafe 5L GII Portable Safe Review

Just a few days ago I placed an order for two Pacsafe travel products I plan on taking with me on my upcoming trip to Bali, Indonesia for ten days. I will be exploring the region for the first time which I'm very much looking forward to.

Earlier today the products were delivered, so I thought now would be a good time to review the product. Being that aspects of my trip will be documented on this blog site I've recently invested in the purchase of some 'tech,' enabling me to capture moments on video, create and post articles and take photos.

As a consequence of carrying valuable equipment with me on my future travels overseas, I require a means in which to safely and securely transport and store these items on occasions when not in my possession, such as the hotel room or when carrying these items with me as I navigate on foot throughout the streets of Bali.

If you've read my articles titled 'How Safe Is Your Hotel Room Safe? ' and 'Essential Tips To Maintaining Security In Your Hotel Room,' then you'll already know storing valuables in a hotel room is not a safe bet at the best of times, so reinforcements are necessary. This most especially factors into play as I'm a female over the age of 50, traveling alone.

This 'extra baggage' has resulted in the purchase of two items in which to secure my possessions when traveling overseas - now and into the future. This review looks specifically at one of these items, the Pacsafe Travelsafe 5L GII Portable Safe.

Travelsafe 5L GII Portable Safe

The Travelsafe 5L portable safe is a secure 'satchel' type safe with soft light lining to protect valuables. The Travelsafe features convenient carry-handles and a combination lock to secure valuables while on the go, although I will be replacing the supplied TSA lock for another alternative providing a greater level of security. (See my article titled: Are luggage locks useless or priceless? for further information.)


In consideration of what the Travelsafe offers, its lightweight and packs flat when not in use. Its dimensions are sufficient for securing small essentials such as an iPad or tablet, passport, my GoPro camera and Karma Grip Mount together with extra cash & cards.

Pacsafe-Travelsafe-5L-GII-Portable-Safe-iPad My iPad fits easily into the travelsafe, with plenty of room to spare. The bag is quite deep, with plenty of room spare for other items.

Pacsafe-Travelsafe-5L-GII-Portable-Safe-TSA-Lock The TSA approved lock was included in the purchase price and appears to be a larger more robust one than those usually found to secure luggage.

Pacsafe-Travelsafe-5L-GII-Portable-Safe-Labels An up close look at the shielded cable lead and the threading of the cable.

The Travelsafe is manufactured using a patented 360 eXomesh® locking system, making it possible to be able to lock it closed and affix it to a secure fixture in a hotel room, by the pool or in-flight. When not in use it conveniently flattens to fit into luggage.

Does The Travelsafe Provide Protection Against Robbery?

No it does not - but is it possible to find any security solution that does? I've spent over 30 years in the electronic security industry and can, with all certainty state there is not 'one' perfect security solution.

If a thief is determined to part me from my possessions, he or she will need to be prepared by being armed with some cutting equipment when they call upon me. Consequently the chances of that occurring reduces the risk significantly. Most thieves prefer an easy target, so they will no doubt have to move onto the next victim. (Unfortunately for them.)

Realistically the majority of thieves are opportunistic, not professional. These 'people' burst into hostel dorms or ransack through guest houses or lodges snatching up what ever is easy pickings including passports hidden under pillows or a bed mattress, or a mobile phone left connected to its charger sitting on a bench. Ostensibly they seize whatever they can and exit stage right before they are discovered.

Pacsafe-Travelsafe-5L-GII-Portable-Safe-Affixed Travelsafe is manufactured using added EVA foam laminated and soft brushed Polyester lining. The light colored interior provides for good visibility of contents. It also comes with carry handles for convenience, and its water resistant.


  • Materials - P1000D Mild Kodura
  • Weight - 1.11 lbs / 0.5 kg
  • Volume - 5L
  • Dimensions - (H x W x D): 16.3 x 10.4 x 0.5 in / 41.5 x 26.5 x 1.3 cm

Sandra Hawkins

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