My Ride Through The Moscow Metro

Moscow's famous 'Red Line' was the city's first railway line which opened in 1935. Today it comprises 22 stations in all and each and every one of them is like visiting a museum. On my journey to Russia I had the pleasure of traveling on the Metro to experience for myself the way many Russians commute and also take in the ornate and very impressive underground.

It's difficult to put into words just how amazing the journey was the sights and sounds -'s just a train ride you may say! So instead, lets take a look through the len's of a talented photographer - who best communicates my feelings about this journey underground in Moscow.

On-Board-The-Moscow-Metro All aboard! My ride on the Moscow Metro

Renowned photographer David Burdeny was lucky enough to be granted an opportunity to photograph a number of stations when vacant, so let's take a look at some of the underground beauties.

Arbatskaya-Metro-Station-Moscow Source/Credit: David Burdeny. Arbatskaya Metro Station, Moscow

Elektrozavodskaya-Metro-Station-MoscowSource/Credit: David Burdeny. Elektrozavodskaya Metro Station, Moscow

Belorusskaya-Metro-Station Source/Credit: David Burdeny. Belorusskaya Metro Station, Moscow

Kiyevsskaya-Station-Moscow Source/Credit: David Burdeny. Kiyevsskaya Station, Moscow

To see more of Mr. Burdeny’s impressive fine art photography, head over to his website

Sandra Hawkins

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