Learning Thai In Thailand: It's Back To School For Me

In my previous post we looked at 'Securing An Education (ED) Visa In Thailand'. Today I wanted to take you on a journey with me to experience for yourself what it's like to attend a language school in Thailand.

The prospect of returning to school can be a little intimidating for many - myself included, especially since its been so long since I walked into a classroom. However, to my surprise I experienced nothing like the classrooms of old.


Patong Language School is a popular choice for foreigners to learn a language while living overseas. The school offers a number of courses including Thai, English, Japanese & German. They also have a selection of TESOL/TEFL teacher training courses.

Patong Language School is accredited by CSN and Högskoleverket for Swedish students to obtain study grants, they are also approved in Germany to provide ‘bildungsurlaub’ English & Thai language lessons for qualifying students.

The school also offers potential students with an opportunity to sit in on one of their group classes (Thai, English or German) or take a 30 minute private lesson (Thai or Japanese), which provides many with the chance to see what it's like to attend classes in the real world.


My first class began at 10:00am where I met my fellow students - 2 Americans & 1 Australian. With our Thai Foundation Study Guide in hand we took our seats & our first lesson began. After each hour of study, the class breaks for around 10 minutes, before class again resumes.

Virtual-Tour-Patong-Language-School-Phuket Take a virtual tour with me through the Patong Language School, Phuket Thailand by clicking on the image above.

As we worked through our study guide with our teacher 'M' we were relaxed & engaged in the lessons. There's plenty to learn & the pace is steady with frequent opporunities to revise during the lessons.

The real work begins at home with dedicated study times a must - particularly for a novice like me with little understanding of the language. Over the six month study period 200 hours of lesson attendance is scheduled so there is much to learn indeed.

The benefit of learning the language in the country you are living in, is that provides a unique opportunity to practice your skills daily. The Thai people are very kind & understanding. They seem to appreciate the effort & provide lots of encouragement along the way - as I've found on my visits to local restaurants & shops around town, as I muddle my way through Thai pronounciation.

I look forward to honing my new skills daily as I interact with the locals.

You can check out the Patong Language School's YouTube Channel if you'd like to see more.

Sandra Hawkins

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