International Clothing And Shoe Size Conversions For Travelers

When shopping overseas for clothing and shoes it can sometimes be confusing when it comes to size differences between countries. I've compiled a size conversion chart and sizing information for men and women below so no matter if you are heading to Italy to update your wardrobe or buying clothes as gifts for friends back home – I hope the following guide will be of assistance to you.

A tip when buying shoes:

  • AU women's shoe sizes are equal to US sizes.
  • AU men's sizes are equal to UK sizes.
  • EU sizing is well recognized around the globe so it’s always good to remember your European shoe size when traveling abroad.

Some brands will differ in sizing so if you are buying for yourself its always better to try the clothing and/or shoes on first. If purchasing for a friend or family members, a size larger is better than something they can’t fit into if you’re unsure of their size.


Sandra Hawkins

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