How To Travel From Bangkok To Phuket In 2018

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Traveling from Bangkok to Phuket can be whatever you want it to be. No matter your approach to travel be it minimalist, practical or high-end there's a mode of travel to suit every travel style & budget. I've produced a free guide containing the most up to date information for 2018 with a view to assist visitors to Thailand to navigate what can be a confusing array of options, especially for jet-lagged arrivals into Thailand's capital, Bangkok.


"The Map Is Not The Territory"

Thailand, with a population of over 66 million is nation rich in culture & history. Its picturesque coastline is dotted with spectacular islands packed with exotic wildlife, leafy mountains & rainforest canopies. Traditional temples & shrines co-exist amongst a myriad of entertainment, nightlife & shopping opportunities. There's something for everyone in Thailand. The 'Land of Smiles’ boasts friendly people, delicious food & some of the finest restaurant & accommodation options in the world, unmatched in its hospitality to the millions of foreign visitors it hosts annually.

All modes of transportation available including:


By far the most convenient & time efficient option for getting to Phuket Island after landing at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) is by taking a direct flight of around one hour, twenty minutes in duration.


A number of airlines operate direct flights from Suvarnabhumi including Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways & Emirates. Fun fact: There are on average 633 flights per week to Phuket’s International Airport. Why not check out my YouTube Video & take a virtual tour of Phuket International Airport.



For an increasing number of travellers a holiday away is not just about the destination, its more about the journey itself. Independent travellers & those with a free spirit often seek out other methods of travel aside from the convenience of air travel, including journeys by train. Its for these adventurous explorers that simply, there is no greater thrill than travelling by train, the discovery of unfamiliar places & the people they meet along the way.


As there is no direct rail connection between Bangkok & Phuket this trip takes place using two modes of transportation; train & bus. Tickets for the trip can be purchased in the form of a combined ticket which includes the train & bus ticket from online vendors or alternatively tickets can be purchased at the terminals directly. Further information for other destinations can be found online in the e-book, the link is provided below.



For those who appreciate a road trip in comfort & style, consider a private vehicle transfer with a proven service provider such as Oriental Escape. The company pride themselves on delivering a premium service to their customers. All drivers are well trained, speak English & importantly they travel at the designated speed limit.

All vehicles are fully insured, maintained & presented to a high standard & regularly serviced & inspected to ensure safety. They have a wide range of vehicles available to suit every need & budget including cars, vans, limousines, buses & coaches. Oriental Escape are flexible in their approach & they understand sometimes schedules can change or be impacted in delays out of the control of travellers.

Travel Durations

An infographic detailing the travel duration using each form or transport provides travellers with an easy to view snapshot of how many hours of travel time it takes to reach the destination by plane, train, bus & private transfer.

This 12 page guide provides the most up to date information available for travellers in 2018. So download it free by clicking on the image below.


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