Hotel Freebies Most Guests Don't Know About

Many experienced travelers think they have it all 'scoped' out when it comes to getting the most out of their hotel accommodation. However all may not be fully revealed as we can be distracted with the standard complimentary items in our hotel room including soap, toothbrush, toothpaste and other toiletries, coffee, tea and even free basic beverages.


Many don't consider to ask for items which are not immediately apparent such as a free gift, or the loan of a forgotten item at no additional expense - you may be surprised to know that the following are amongst those on offer at a standard hotel.

Mobile Phone Chargers And Travel Adapters

It’s one of the most common items people forget when traveling, or lose along their journey so rather than biting into your holiday budget pick up the phone and ask as many hotels carry a wide variety of charges and adapters which have gone unclaimed in the past by guests, which eventually make their way into becoming a sought after item by guests thereafter.

Additional Toiletries

Sometimes your hotel can be stocked with an array of toiletries in which to use during your stay, however guests can often avail themselves of additional items including, mouthwash, slippers, hairspray, nail polish remover wipes, a lint roller and razor as the Hyatt Hotel Chain provide to guests. In some of their hotels they also make other items available to guests on request including curling irons and room de-humidifiers.


Guests who suffer with allergies or sensitive skin may request access to alternative skin care products than those supplied as standard in their room.

Electronic Items

While a rare exception, one hotel in New York - the Eventi is leading the way by offering guests a range of free loan of electronic gadgets including laptops, wireless bluetooth speakers, Kindle E-readers or even a GoPro camera.


Many hotels now offer free hire of bicycles, while some charge a nominal fee which is great for those who like to get around on two wheels during their vacation.


Pillow Menu

Hotels understand the importance of sleep quality for their guests with many now offering 'pillow menus' in which they can choose from a wide variety of options including chains such as the Shangri La and Holiday Inn.


If you are unsure if your hotel provides extra pillow options, just call down to housekeeping or the front desk and ask.

Exercise Equipment

Some hotels will loan out exercise equipment for use in your room, including Yoga mats or weights. The Hyatt Hotel is just one chain in which these items may be available.

Sandra Hawkins

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