Get Locked Up In Bangkok's Prison-Themed Hotel (For Just $30 A Night)

It would be fair to say no-one wants to be banged up in a Thai prison, however a new hotel in Bangkok has recently opened offering guests the opportunity to experience life behind bars, at least for one night.


Sook Station is located just off Sukhumvit Road in the fast developing area of the Udomsook neighborhood. From as little as THB$1,080 - USD$30 / AUD$37 / GBP$23 guests can sleep behind a set of 'fake bars' and sleep in the supplied black and white 'striped pyjamas' complete with matching 'cap' while posing for 'mug shots'. Guests are encouraged to roam throughout the hotel for photo opportunities while dressed in their prison 'uniforms'.

Each room features (obviously) a 'minimalist' design, 'harsh' lighting, and metal bunk style beds. At check in guests complete their 'registration' and are presented with a 'mug shot card' detailing their name, room number and the period of 'incarceration'. Some rooms feature a sliding glass door which are fitted with steel bars.

Inmates (guests) can visit the coffee shop and restaurant situated on the first floor of the hotel head or over to the co-working space on the second floor. There is a rooftop sun deck which is set to include a number of Jacuzzi's.


For those looking for a more authentic experience, Room 203 is said to be the best choice for anyone that might try to escape. Staff refer to the room as 'the darkness' - it’s so spartan it doesn’t even have a window. It’s considered to be Sook Station’s answer to solitary confinement.

If you are interesting in 'doing time' when traveling through Bangkok, head over to to check out rates and availability.

Sandra Hawkins

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