Free Economy Class Perks Announced By Cathay Pacific

Rarely do those of us who choose to travel 'cattle class' on an international flight receive the perks reserved for those at the pointy end of the plane. However Cathay Pacific Airlines Hong Kong's flag carrier, has upped the ante with it's latest offering for their economy class passengers.

From October 2017, passengers on selected flights will be gifted a bottle of limited edition perfume in which to remember their holiday, long after they have returned home.

Parfums-De-Voyage-Fragrance Parfums de Voyage, Fragrance by Cathay Pacific

Can A Fragrance Transport You?

That's the question, however he airline boasts 'smell is the most closely associated sense to memory. A single aroma can evoke a powerful response, vividly conjuring memories and emotions as if they occurred yesterday'.

To help capture Hong Kong’s signature scent the airline teamed up with renowned perfume expert, Samantha Taylor of The Powder Room to create Parfums de Voyage - a scientifically crafted perfume designed to ignite your memories of Hong Kong.

'In the same way our fleet of aircraft literally transport you to your destination, Parfum de Voyage will take you back through time and place. From the mountains, teahouses, markets, and temples, you'll embark on a return journey through scent'.

Samantha expands on the journey to create the signature perfume and said,

'I travelled around Hong Kong and immersed myself in everything on offer before I started to design the scent.' The resulting Parfums de Voyage fragrance has a fresh, clean top note inspired by the greenery of the island, drying down to a warm, peppery base note that’s evocative of exotic spices and smoky incense. The scent is appropriate for both women and men.'

Parfums de Voyage is not available for individual sale however a typical designer perfume such as Chanel No.5 can cost the traveler a pretty penny indeed. By taking advantage of the free offer a significant saving is made for travelers intent on visiting the duty free counter.

Sandra Hawkins

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