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In April 2017, I traveled to Thailand to undertake Lasik Eye Surgery. Since my return home, I've had many requests from people wanting to hear the details of my experience as they are considering traveling to Asia to undergo surgery also. As a result, I've documented my personal experience in an eBook detailing my journey from beginning to end. It's available here

At 52 years of age and having come to terms with the fact my ever-declining vision was negatively impacting my lifestyle, I embarked on a journey to explore the options for laser eye surgery including Lasik vision correction surgery.

Ultimately, I left my home town on a solo medical tourism journey to Thailand to undertake non-essential laser eye surgery. The guide details my personal quest from initial investigation of corrective surgery options at home to opting ‘in’ on the medical tourism boom in Asia. Much information is contained within the book explaining how selecting the right laser clinic for your needs can make all the difference and how to choose a clinic to best meet your needs.

A-Guide-To-Lasik-Surgery-In-Thailand-Sandra-Hawkins-eBook Click on the book cover for a link to featuring the book.

My pilgrimage led me to Bangkok, Thailand where I was to be educated on every aspect of eye health including; astigmatism, presbyopia, cataracts, near-sightedness and farsightedness. Having weighed up the risks and benefits of the types of laser surgery options on offer including, PRK, FemtoLASIK, ReLEx, Monovision Lasik, NV Lasik, Cataract and Laser Lasik Surgery, I filtered the facts from the many myths that exist, to determine the best solution for me. The book includes a range of photos of the surgery and clinic to assist the reader in gaining an understanding of the overall experience.

I learned too about the risks associated in undertaking any type of non-essential eye surgery including dry eyes, glare and halos, under corrections, over corrections, and flap problems. Email correspondence too between myself and the clinic in Thailand is included providing a unique insight into the process of co-ordinating, planning and executing such a trip.

From making final preparations including booking the right hotel to arranging transport and aftercare, to my thoughts and pre-conceived notions up to the point of surgery, provides the reader with a peek into the real-world experiences of a single female aged in her 50’s traveling alone for surgery in Asia.


Cost too, was to play a major factor which is reflected in the included schedule of costs. Of particular interest the comparison between the cost in Australia and Thailand. Quality of care was another important consideration, so I compare the medical standards and conditions between the two countries.

I also guide you through the step by step process from arrival at the Lasik Center including the pre-operative examination, through to the final post-operative examination, providing firsthand experience for those considering any Lasik or Laser eye procedure. Included in the book is a section on life after Lasik after undertaking a three-month post-operative check-up with a local Ophthalmologist in Australia.


While providing a clear pathway for readers considering undertaking non-essential eye surgery in Thailand, the book is in no way to be considered as medical advice or opinion. Always consult with your preferred physician before undertaking any medical treatment.

2018 UPDATE: My One Year Follow Up

Its been almost one year since I undertook Femto-lasik surgery at TRSC International Lasik Centre in Bangkok, Thailand. Being that I'm now based in Patong, Phuket (since November 2017) I decided to take the short 1.5 hour flight for my annual check up at the centre. Its now March 2018 - my how time flies.

I returned to the same hotel I previously stayed in (as they looked after me so well) Amara Bangkok, just a short distance away from TRSC. My checkup was scheduled for the early afternoon & on arrival I was happy to see the many familiar faces who took great care of my on my previous visit - & I was warmly welcomed once again.

TRSC-Waiting-Area TRSC International Lasik Centre Bangkok, Waiting Area

As to the usual standard - there's really no waiting (although the centre was doing a roaring trade) I was taken from room to room, each filled with specialized diagnostic equipment to test everything eye related - or so it seemed.

TRSC-Lasik-Centre TRSC International Lasik Centre Bangkok Pre-Op Area

In a short while I was escorted into the 'Eye Drop Room' to facilitate the dilation of my pupils allowing Dr. Sukanda to examine my eyes. After a restful 20 minutes, I was ushered into the the Doctor's office. We had a friendly interaction & my consultation was a most pleasant experience.

TRSC-Lasik-Bangkok-1 TRSC International Lasik Centre Bangkok Spectacles Museum

Once again, I knew I was not going to be disappointed with the professional, efficient & friendly serviced provided at TRSC. If you are considering any type of vision improvement/enhancement surgery then I would highly recommend you contact the team at TRSC in Bangkok.

Sandra Hawkins

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