Common Travel Mistakes That Will Wreck Your Trip

Even the best holiday can easily fall off the rails if you come unstuck with any one of these common travel traps.

1. Not Allowing Enough Time Between Flights

Allowing enough time between flights can significantly reduce the chances of missing your next flight. Leaving only 45 minutes or even an hour is insufficient these days taking into account a flight delay or issues encountered during transit between the terminals or terminal buildings. It pays to do your research about each airport you are planning to transit through, as many international airports have airlines gates at great distances apart.


Don't rely on the airlines themselves either when it comes to booking, as they only generally allow small windows of time leaving an insufficient amount to get to your gate, especially if you need to collect your luggage on the way through.

2. The Distance Between Your Hotel From the City Center

Many times travelers will opt for a cheaper hotel option to save money and select a hotel that is situated at some distance from where the action is. In the long run it can in fact cost you much more in taxi's and transport getting to and from these locations. By selecting a hotel that's close to the action, travelers can spend more time exploring or relaxing in their hotel room.

3. Trying To Do And See Everything In Just One Trip

Attempting to cram everything into the one trip is doomed from the start. Racing from one historic site to another is no way to enjoy a holiday. You will be and emotional and physical wreck by the time you arrive home again. Take the time to plan your personal itinerary before leaving home, and scout out the locations which are important to you, leaving some time to just relax and enjoy the environment once you've arrived.

4. Not Venturing Off The Well Worn Tourist Routes

It can be tempting to just relax around the hotel pool or dine and drink at the local tourist restaurant and bar located nearby, but in doing so you are doing yourself an absolute disservice.


Part of any trip overseas is to get a local perspective on things, to sample the culture and customs directly instead of reading about them in a guide book or online.

5. Booking Your Hotel Based On The Photographs

Any hotel or resort can employ high end photography techniques or use a a fish eye lens to carefully craft an image making the property look far more desirable than it actually is. Viewing guest photos on sites such as are a good place to start, however its important to also read the reviews and not purely base your choice of hotel by the photographs alone.

fakeout-las-palmas-hot-tub Source/Credit:

One website, gives consumers a real insight into the reality of many hotels by with their 'photo fakeout' series which blends over estimated promotional photography with the real thing.

6. Not Applying For Your Passport In Enough Time

The process of applying and lodging a passport can take up to six weeks even if completed correctly, so it pays to apply early if you need one.


For those who already have a passport, take the time to ensure there is sufficient validity remaining - usually 6 months from the date of arrival into a country is required. It's certainly possible to fast track passport processing, however the money will be far better spend when overseas.

Sandra Hawkins

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