Banzaan Fresh Market, Patong Phuket

Situated in the heart of Patong, Phuket right opposite the Bangla Boxing Stadium & Jungceylon Shopping Mall, Banzaan Fresh Market is extremely popular with locals & tourists alike. I often visit the market to stock up on a wide variety of fresh fruit, however there's so much more to Banzaan as you will see on my YouTube video. Banzaan is a great place to hang out - it’s well ventilated with high ceilings & of course, an open plan design. The market stalls are well stocked, & hygiene standards are extremely high.

The selection, freshness & quality of food offered is of an excellent standard. In addition (as already mentioned) the market is conveniently located & most visitors based in the centre of Patong can easily walk there. The market is a friendly place to be with most vendors speaking a smattering of English. In fact it seems you could be walking the corridors of the United Nations when holiday makers hear the different languages spoken by others visiting to this top spot.

The fresh market (ground floor indoors) is open 7 days a week from 6:00am until 9:00pm. The food court on level 1, which is reached by escalator up/down kicks off from around 11:00am each day, wrapping up at around the same time as the wet market. On my visit to this great market I took the time to walk the whole of the market area downstairs which has designated areas for vendors selling all manner of things, including:

Freshly Cut Flowers

There's around 4 or 5 vendors selling a vast array of freshly cut flowers, including red roses alongside many other varieties. A number of stalls also offer flower arrangements.



Where to begin - there's just so many types of fresh fruit on display & for sale at Banzaan. The freshest produce from throughout the region with seasonal fruits selling at good prices. All types of crazy looking fruit are worth tasting, so take a chance - you'll be pleasantly surprised.



Much like the vast array of fruit on offer, the range & quality of vegetables is simply outstanding. The best & freshest around. Herbs, lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves - just about anything & everything can be found here.



Who doesn't love seafood - crabs, fish, lobster, finger clams & even frogs. Choose your own, it will be weighed, wrapped & packed for you to take upstairs to the hawker area for cooking, or to take back to your accommodation.



It's well worth stopping by the meat section just to witness the skills of the local butchers. There's all types & cuts of meat on display, much of it hanging from large hooks around their modest stalls.


If you love chicken, Banzaan is a great place to purchase freshly dressed birds, including the bright yellow coloured, corn fed variety. There are quite a number of vendors dedicated to selling poultry exclusively.


Dry Food

All manner of spices, sauces & oils are available at any one of the dry food stores - around 5 to 6 if memory serves.


Ready to Eat

At the time of my visit, there were 3 vendors selling great authentic Thai food. Choose from up to 15 different dishes on offer. During my visit, I selected 2 dishes & rice for a total of 40 Baht. Delicious, nutritious & very well priced indeed.


What makes Banzaan Fresh Market a stand out from any other in the area are two additional features, which are:

Food Court - Level 1

After taking the escalator upstairs, visitors will surely see the similarities between it & many other hawker centres found throughout Asia. However, there is a slight difference in that each stall offers a unique service to diners - that is, to cook the fresh seafood purchased from the wet market downstairs. In order to take advantage of this experience, diners must first purchase a 'cash card' at the cashier’s booth (on the 1st floor) as stall holders do not accept cash.

Banzaan Street Food Night Market

From around 6:00pm each night, outside the market comes alive with many vendors selling street food, freshly prepared on the spot for your dining enjoyment. Seafood, food on sticks, freshly squeezed juices, sweets & treats too. Diners can pull up a chair & sit at one of the many tables where the waiter will serve you. Alternatively, take away is a popular option too. There's also a range of clothing, shoes & souvenirs on sale at good prices.


So if you are visiting Patong, stop by Banzaan Fresh Market & spend a couple of hours exploring what's on offer. You will have a great time & have the opportunity to speak with the happy local vendors.

Sandra Hawkins

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