Balinese Phrases For 1st Time Visitors

When visiting any foreign country it's really important to have a few words or phrases on hand to communicate, if even on the most basic level. Language breaks down barriers and serves as a way to connect with others from far away lands. Whether you are looking to speak like a local or just want the basics the following information can assist in providing the resources for your trip to Bali, Indonesia.


Bahasa Indonesian is the official language of Indonesia but English is widely spoken in the capital Jakarta and tourist locations such as Bali. Bali has its own traditional language which is spoken by the locals however the more common use of Bahasa is the more popular language of Indonesia. If your keen on learning the local language, remember it’s never too late to start.

Fear not those who wish to forego the learning of a few new phrases as English is broadly spoken in most areas of Bali. Unlike some other countries, it’s easy to get around using the English language where it’s comforting to know your words, phrases and mannerisms will be understood by the local population. However, when traveling to any country the native population is highly appreciative and complimentary of attempts at learning the language.

By starting off with a few common words and phrases, you will find interactions with the Balinese will help to establish friendships and interactions on a deeper level than when only speaking English. It’s easy to get some practice and learn a smattering of words before leaving home.

You can download a language app directly to your phone or jump online to find a range of free resources which are provided in a range of formats. One worth checking out it is The Mixxer – a free educational website for language exchanges via Skype.

Hosted by Dickinson College the site connects language learners around the world, so everyone becomes both student and teacher. It’s easy to get started simply register your details to create an account, then find your language partner. It can feel a little awkward or embarrassing as you attempt to fumble your way through the first few words but fear not, the Balinese are a gentle people who will most surely put you at ease and encourage you continue.

Before you know it you are in the market, purchasing produce or ordering a meal in the native tongue. Bahasa Indonesia is one of the easiest languages to learn with no verb tenses, and a roman type alphabet with no difficult pronunciations.

Handy Phrases


  • Good Morning : Rahajeng Semeng
  • Good Evening : Rahajeng Wengi
  • Thank you : Suksma
  • Excuse me! : Sugra nggih!
  • My name is John : Wastan tiang John
  • How are you? : Punapi gatra?
  • I am fine : Tiang becik-becik
  • Good Bye : Pamit Nggih


Basic Daily Expressions

  • Where have you been? : Dija mara?
  • Where are you going? : Kal kija?
  • I am from : Tiang uling
  • What time is it? : Jam kuda niki?
  • How much? : Aji kuda niki?
  • Hello - Halo
  • Thank you - Terima Kasih
  • Please - Silakhan
  • Good bye - good bye
  • Good afternoon - Selamat siang
  • Good morning - Selamat pagi
  • Good Evening - Baik evening
  • How are you - Apa kabar
  • Good - Bagus
  • Bad - Buruk
  • Too much - Terlalu Banyak
  • Please use the meter - Silakan gunakan meteran
  • How much - Berapa
  • Very good - Sangat Baik
  • No thank you - Tidak terima kasih
  • No too much - Tidak terlalu banyak
  • Maybe later - Mungkin nanti
  • Hospital - Rumah sakit
  • Doctor - Dokter
  • Emergency - Keadaan darurat
  • Help - Membantu
  • Police - Polisi
  • Taxi - Taksi

If you are looking for more phrases then download my free eBook Bahasa Indonesia Phrase Book For Visitors.


Sandra Hawkins

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