7 Reasons Why Solo Travel Makes You A Better Person

Traveling is known to expand the mind through learned experiences we otherwise would not encounter at home. Traveling solo enhances the experience much more so than when traveling as a group or even a couple. There are just so many ways a persons life and perspective on life are complemented through the travel experience. Let's take a look at some of those.

1. Learning To Live With Less

By experiencing travel with less - less 'baggage,' less 'stuff,' and having an opportunity to view those who are in a much less fortunate position than ourselves (particularly in third world or developing countries), the traveler gains a new appreciation for what they have at home. Hopefully the traveler is humbled by the experience and thankful for their own blessings.


2. Learning Patience

Nothing is ever achieved through impatience, especially when there a barriers to language and time when traveling overseas. Many cultures don't understand impatience which to some may be viewed by as self indulgence or self importance in some cultures.

3. An Appreciation Of Home

The saying 'you don't know what you've lost until it's gone' is true, especially when traveling away from home for long periods of time. Many have acquired a new found appreciation for the comforts of home, after being away from it.


4. Loss Of Control

The only thing we can control whether at home or away, is ourselves. Our environment, the people around us and our circumstances often change and we are left to manage our way through them. Sometimes, out of the chaos of having a total lack of control can come the best experiences. Always expect the unexpected when traveling.

5. An Increase In Confidence

Having no one else to rely upon, the solo traveler must always take the initiative, make decisions and solve problems along the way. When navigating through a range of travel issues the senses seem to sharpen, you acquire extra skills and the mind is sharpened. With these experiences, a travelers confidence grows and grows.

6. Increased Cultural Awareness

As a solo traveler, you will most definitely interact with the locals far more than you otherwise would with a travel partner. As such, the opportunity to experience a deeper understanding and awareness of the cultural aspects of the country are brought forward though this direct interaction.


7. Budgeting

Most travelers have a budget to stick to when traveling. By sticking to a travel budget, for example a daily spend limit makes a cash savvy traveler seek out ways in which to save, including opting for the local street food instead of dining in the hotel restaurant, or using local transportation instead of using a taxi or car service.


Sandra Hawkins

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