1st Class Cabins To Blame For Air Rage Incidents

Air Rage is defined as a sudden violent anger or aggressive behavior provoked in a passenger on board an aircraft, by the stress associated with air travel.

According to a recent study undertaken at the University of Toronto, found passengers seated in economy were 3.84 times more likely to become frustrated or angry during the flight, if there is a first class seating section on the aircraft. Katherina A. De Celles, the lead author of the study stated 'psychology tells us that when people are feeling a sense of deprivation and inequality, they are more likely to act out.'


Interestingly, it was also determined there was a 12-fold increase of air rage incidents from first class passengers during a flight where economy class passengers were required to pass through the first class area, prior to entering the economy section.

Statistical information compiled for the study was acquired from flight data provided by an unnamed airline recording incidents of air rage over the past few years. It was noted for every 1,000 flights with first class seating there were only 1.58 incidents of air rage in the economy cabin.

The report further notes a causal link which showed people, when confronted with inequality display more anti-social behavior. As the passengers on an airplane represent miniature versions of society, class differences are often the cause of feelings of social inequality.

Do you fly first class or economy class when taking a vacation?

Sandra Hawkins

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